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Mountain Mama

I remember Susie Snowflake! Thanks for that.

But why does Santa look so scary in the other one? *shudder*


Happy Birthday!
I couldn't get through the videos. I'm afraid I'd be singing Suzie Snowflake for the next 24hrs. But I know what you mean - I've got a soft spot for the Eat N Park commercial. It's not Christmas until I've seen that star get up the tree. I admit to squeeing when I see it.


Happy Birthday!

Even though Penn State won, I really wish they had pulled off a Statue of Liberty play to seal the victory like Boise State.


As Frosty the Snowman so eloquently put it, Happy Birthday.

If your name began with the letter "T," we could both lose those 2 hangers on and join blogging forces. But alas, "B&A" sounds like a railroad.


My lasting childhood memory of televised Christmas in Pittsburgh is Paul Shannon loading a rocket full of letters to Santa and firing it off to the North Pole.

We were easily entertained in those days.

Mark Stroup

I'm a little sketchy on the visuals, but I certainly remember the songs. Especially, "I'm Joe."

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